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Insider Tip: 5 Tips to Save Time

With all of the electronic “clutter” in todays world, we tend to get distracted from doing the important things.  Here are 5 ways to deal with that clutter

  1. Reduce inbox volume. It has been reported that the typical business owner gets 100-200 emails per day. If you spend just 2 minutes on each email, that’s a lot of time! Save time by reducing the volume of email you receive. Unsubscribe to lists that clutter your inbox. If there are subscriptions that you want to receive but typically don’t have time to get to them right away, use filters so they will go directly into designated folders to look at later. And most important, touch email only once!
  2. Improve emails that you send. Start using shorter, more efficient messages in your email. When possible, simply put your message in the subject line and leave the body blank. When you send an email to multiple people at once, if possible, tell them to NOT “reply all.” This will help others reduce their email volume too. Another way to avoid multiple back-and-forth email strings is to use the phone more often.
  3. Clean up your inbox. Most inbox programs offer you the capability to create folders. Use this feature to create an efficient filing system for email. Create categories to keep emails where they will be easily retrievable.
  4. Limit the time you spend online, especially on social media. Be intentional about your online activities.  Enough said.
  5. Process your “stuff” quickly. Every day we get bombarded with “stuff.” It just comes our way. Use the 2-minute rule…if you can execute on this item in 2 minutes or less, do it NOW! If it is going to take longer than that, put it on your To Do list for later.

Insider Tips from Gary Hartman, local Growth Coach